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Milk of "Milk of sea"

Do you know an expression, "A forest raises oysters”?
Forest and Living thing of the sea.
Though you might wonder about the relationship between the both which are far apart, the key to resolve this puzzle is in oyster's bait. It is phytoplankton in the sea.
This minute organic life supporting the base of the feeding chain of the sea will never increase without the clean and nutritious water of rivers running through the forest humus.
Chigusa-gawa river and Ibo-gawa river flow in there.
Chigusa-gawa is famous for the good water selected as one of the best 100 of spring water.
Ibo-gawa is also famous for Soumen(Japanese vermicelli).


The Hyonosan-Ushiroyama-Nagisan quasi-national park is up the river.
This quasi-national park which has the sixth area in the whole country is called "Mother Earth", whose virgin forest of broadleaf trees such as beeches, Japanese oaks, horse chestnuts and cornels that make the origin of hums has magnificently extended there.
Thanks to the good current and the geographical features, the water soaked in the blessing of mother Earth hardly flows out in the ocean.
Therefore, Ichinen-Tamakaki can grow up enough to be shipped in one year in the Harima-nada open sea where bait is abundant, while it takes two or three years in the other breeding districts.
Untouched sea, river, and forest. Ichinen-Tamakaki® is born only after three favorable conditions become complete.

Ichinen-Tamakaki oyster from Harima-nada open sea®

In general, it tends to seem that oysters let out its juice and become hard and small when are used for pot dish.
However, the oysters in the Harima-nada open sea won't shrink much and the big meat won't become hard and keep a elastic feeling.

Growth of Ichinen-Tamakaki


12g Hayatama
Glycogen 4.5g (Per 100g)
Taurine 0.9g (Per 100g)
Zinc 11mg (Per 100g)

20g Shintama
Glycogen 5.2g (Per 100g)
Taurine 1.0g (Per 100g)
Zinc 13mg (Per 100g)

30g Ohtama
Glycogen 6.3g (Per 100g)
Taurine 1.0g (Per 100g)
Zinc 17mg (Per 100g)

Steamed Oyster

We processed Ichinen-Tamakaki® with the latest steamer, and froze them up rapidly.
Steaming makes the oysters much softer and more delicious.
They have attracted attention as health food abundant in minerals and nutrition.

We steam Ichinen-Tamakaki harvested on Maehama keeping them fresh and puffy and thenthe freeze them up.


By steaming and freezing, we can provide delicious and nutritious oysters even in summer.

●Heated and Safe.
 Big oysters that cannot raised in any other breeding districts.
 Processed in February and March when glycogen is contained the most.
●The process of steaming keeps the extract and the taste inside.
 The home (Harima-nada open sea) has been limited, and the flavor is uniform.
●The usage is as follows.
  Slices of raw fish.
  Pot dish.
  Deep-flied food.
  Barbecue etc.