Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, as an enterprise handling personal information of customers, recognize the social responsibility for safety control of information and evaluate the protection of personal information as one of our priorities. To practice it without fail, we've decided the following privacy policies on the protection of personal information, and all the related including the board and the staff endeavor to handle the personal data properly according to these policies.

date of enactment:April 1, 2005(17th year of Heisei)
Maruto Suisan Co.,Ltd.
President and Representative Director Kikue Matui

1. Articles on handling personal information properly

(1)When collecting personal information, we take legal and fair means.
(2)About the purposes of using the collected personal information, we acquire the
consent of the person in question whose data we have or we notify about that on our homepage etc..
(3)When sharing personal information with a third party, depositing personal information to a third party, we deal with it in the same way as in the preceding clause.
(4)When there is a demand from the person in question for releasing, correcting, deleting or stopping the use of collected personal information, we properly deal with it.

2. Articles on observing the law related to the protection of personal information

(1)We observe the law and the standard in handling personal information.
(2)We settle on the compliance program about protecting personal information under the law and standard related to that.

3. Articles on safety management measures of personal information

To prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, falsified and leaked, we keep the personal information handled in-house under perfect control and take the following safety measures.

(1)We specify the person in charge of handling personal information and limit the persons in charge to a minimum. Moreover,we take measures to make it impossible for nobody but the persons concerned to access the e-medium that keeps personal information and try to prevent any illegal accesses.
(2)When putting the processing of personal information in charge of the external, we select a Privacy Mark authorized enterprise or an enterprise admitted that its protection of personal information is on a proper level. If the occasion arises, moreover, we provide some articles in the contract etc. on handling personal information and we make every effort for safety.

4. Articles on improving compliance program continuously

(1)All the related including the board and the staff get educated and trained in compliance program and aim to improve our consciousness about protecting personal information and to establish that to a routine.
(2)We regularly inspect the execution condition of compliance program and not only correct the problems but continuously improve it.


We will receive inquiry or demand concerning personal information at the following.

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