The Harima-nada open sea is the sea area in the east part of the Seto-naikai inland sea. It lies south of the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture (old Harima country). The east is delimited by Awaji-shima island, the west is delimited by Shoudo-shima island and the south is delimited by Shikoku. Ie-shima Islands lie northwest.


Sea, forest and river.
This is a king of nourishing food that absorbs the extract of nature enough. The oyster of Harima-nada open sea grows up to be good for shipping in only one year.
The reason is the existence of Harima-nada open sea where the intact nature remains.
Two clear streams carry the mineral of the earth to the Harima-nada open sea.

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Heated and safe.
Chawan-musi(a dish steamed in a cup), Shumai and steamed rice with red beans.
A way of cooking "to Steam" is being gradually forgotten in a busy daily life.
To taste all the flavor and nourishment of oysters, we thoroughly stuck to " to Steam" that takes long time and energy.

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